Rudy Giuliani Acts Out 'My Cousin Vinny,' Becomes Joe Pesci

Kyle Koster
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor, Seinfeld guest star and Marlins Man row-sharer, had a press conference this morning to discuss the president's ongoing and disparate legal challenges.

How did it go? Well, that question is perhaps best answered by repelling down into this moment, where Giuliani identified My Cousin Vinny as one of his favorite "law movies," then proceeded to act out a pivotal scene.

Is this bad for the country? Time will tell. Is Giuliani hopping onto a podcast and ripping through his other nine top — and I can't stress this enough — law movies tremendous for content? That answer is a resounding Rovellian yes.

What is it with this film? It was only a few short years ago that Bill Belichick was using it in his defense against Deflategate allegations. No one involved with the making of the 1992 comedy could have possibly thought its cultural importance would be so saturating.