Rudy Giuliani, Marlins Man Seated Next to Each Other at Yankees-Twins Game

Kyle Koster
Rudy Giuliani Visits "Mornings With Maria"
Rudy Giuliani Visits "Mornings With Maria" / Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

There's precious little else going on on the life of Rudy Giulianii right now so, much like last night, he made his way up to the Bronx to take in Game 2 of the American League Division Series between the Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees. Though the former mayor is working pro bono for the president right now, he was still able to afford good seats right behind home plate. This presented him with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sit next to another figure at the heart of modern American history, Marlins Man.

We live in wild times.

One can only imagine how many people out there from coast to coast enjoyed a few cocktails this afternoon then squinted, paused, and wondered aloud just what they heck they were looking at.

Not every day two of the most powerful people on Earth are seated next to each other.