Rudy Giuliani Describes Game of Thrones as a 'Documentary About Fictitious Medieval England'

Stephen Douglas
Rudy Giuliani Speaks To Media Members At The White House
Rudy Giuliani Speaks To Media Members At The White House / Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Rudy Giuliani spoke at the rally that preceded the riot that left five dead in Washington D.C. last week. Giuliani told the crowd, "Let's have trial by combat," ahead of their march to the Capitol that ended with armed insurrectionists breaking into Congress. Asked to clarify that remark by The Hill's Brett Samuels earlier this week, Rudy explained that he was in fact making a reference to Game of Thrones, calling the HBO series, "that very famous documentary about fictitious medieval England."

Somehow, referring to a fantasy show as a documentary about a fictional time in history that actually took place isn't the wildest part of his explanation. He's saying the trial by combat was actually about the machines. Whereas in the show a trial by combat ends in death (as Ted Cruz's Twitter enemy Pedro Pascal can attest), in reality Rudy thinks that he would be embarrassed. And if he won the trial by combat of looking at a machine, then someone would go to jail. It's a very strange take on combat.

The fact that Giuliani doesn't see how the violent crowd would take trial by combat literally explains how he would also describe Game of Thrones as a documentary or hold a press conference at a landscaping company.