Rudy Giuliani Went Off the Rails In an Interview with Piers Morgan on 'Good Morning Britain'

Stephen Douglas

Rudy Guiliani appeared on Good Morning Britain this morning for an interview with Piers Morgan. Whoever thought of booking Rudy Giuliani on a British morning show in the middle of the night deserves a raise because Rudy is basically just driving a trainwreck into a series of fireworks factories at this point. This clip picks up at the "end" of the interview. I put end in quotes because it begins with the former Mayor of New York City proclaiming the interview is "over as far as I'm concerned." It then continues for two minutes.

Morgan tells Giuliani he's "lost the plot" and has gone "completely barking mad." Guiliani takes a shot at Morgan's ratings. Then Giuliani either says Morgan "sucked" or "f--ked" up. The British anchors think he went with the second one and apologize to viewers. The saddest part is that both of them say how much they used to like each other. You have to wonder if they can work it out.

To recap: The personal attorney for the President of the United States went on British television to shout at the former host of America's Got Talent about his poor ratings. Maybe things are starting to feel normal again in the United States.