Roy Hibbert Was "Rankled" When the Pacers Signed Andrew Bynum

Stephen Douglas

Roy Hibbert isn’t just a former employee of Entertainment 720 who is owed a lot of money. He’s also a sensitive basketball player for the Indiana Pacers if this report from is to be believed. (I believe it.) Hibbert’s num

"Center Roy Hibbert‘s ongoing tailspin coincides with Bynum’s arrival, so much that some team insiders have wondered if the move rattled Hibbert’s confidence and trust."

That’s bad. I just hope he wasn’t rankled.

"Bringing Bynum aboard rankled Hibbert, a source told, when coach Frank Vogel ran plays to get Bynum involved offensively that he rarely calls for Hibbert."

Hibbert was rankled! After a horrible end to the season, a hard-fought series against an 8-seed and a Game 1 loss to the Washington Wizards, someone finally tried to make Hibbert feel better. Paul George took Hibbert fishing and convinced him to not be bad at basketball anymore. The pep talk worked and Hibbert scored 28 points and grabbed 9 rebounds in a Pacers win.

Give a man a fish, he sucks at basketball. Teach a man to fish, he leads the team in scoring.

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