Roundup: Why WWE Is Doing Big Show in Saudi Arabia, Jimmy the Greek Stories, Racist Promposal Apolog


Torrie Wilson #tbt … Why it seems like everyone is notifying us of terms of service changes … New GMail features … “Why 32-year-old Oprah Winfrey threatened to stop working to prove a point to her boss” … Would you buy this Alexa-for-kids for your children? … Photos from the early years of The Ramones … “We have too many jellyfish, so scientists want to cover them in chocolate” … Hank Azaria is willing to retire the Apu character in The Simpsons … Photos show that washing machines actually DO eat socks … Chipotle planning new branding strategy … “Distillery sells bourbon in glass bottles molded from World Trade Center steel” … Reuben Foster’s girlfriend retracts domestic violence allegations … 

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