Roundup: Vinyl Records Outselling CDs, Lamar Jackson Zinger, NASCAR Pulling Assault Weapon Ads

Ryan Glasspiegel

Kendall Jenner, who admits she misses walking New York Fashion Week … There is a trend of women not shaving body hair and razor sales are dropping accordingly … The leader of the MIT Media Lab, which had financial ties to Jeffrey Epstein, resigned … Vinyl records are on pace to outsell CDs this year, for the first time since 1986 … “Jet skiers saved 100 people trapped in flooded homes in the Bahamas” … Details on Woj’s role on NBA Countdown this season, new writers or promoted writers on ESPN NBA coverage, and a Zach Lowe free agency update … A marine who survived two tours is now fighting deportation … NRA not happy that NASCAR is phasing out assault weapon ads … Sunday was a big day for Cowboys OC Kellen Moore … Juju Smith-Schuster injured toe at end of Patriots blowout.

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