Roundup: Vaccine Moving Quickly; Presidential Isolation; Remember Passion Pit

Kyle Koster
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Pope's Instagram account liking a model's picture is an amazing scandal ... Bigass telescope irreparable ... Myles Powell is going to make some NBA general manager look like a genius ... Lou Holtz has COVID ... Rachel Maddow speaks on partner's tough battle ... Seattle Seahawks look like a balanced team in victory over Arizona Cardinals ... Pfizer filing for emergency use for vaccine as early as today ... Home Alone is a Christmas movie ... How do the Warriors go about trying to replace Klay Thompson ... The Kansas City Chiefs are a quiet 8-1 ... CDC recommends Americans don't travel for Thanksgiving ...

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Kevin Hart and Reggie Bush got cold as balls.

Mark Prior is sporting a Hugh Jackman-esque beard these days.

Passion Pit -- Take a Walk