Roundup: U.S. Sets Weekly COVID-19 Cases Record; A Government Shutdown Looms; Hayley Atwell Not Dating Tom Cruise

Ryan Phillips
Hayley Atwell, Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - July 24, 2018
Hayley Atwell, Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - July 24, 2018 / Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

The United States set its record for COVID-19 cases in one week ... The Senate will work through the weekend on funding bills as a government shutdown looms ... COVID stimulus talks have hit a new snag ... Mike Pence received the COVID vaccine ... Stocks took a hit on Friday ... The Supreme Court punted on a ruling about the Census ... The worst of the Russian cyber attacks may be yet to come ... California hospitals are overrun with coronavirus cases ... Winners from the New York Film Critics Circle awards ... The CW is eyeing an "All American" spinoff ... Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise aren't dating despite reports to the contrary ... Brian Kelly says Notre Dame could boycott the College Football Playoff ... NBA GMs think the Lakers will defend their title ... The Sixers willing to include Ben Simmons in a James Harden trade ... Drew Brees will return for the Saints this weekend ...

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