Roundup: U.S. Budget Deficit Climbs; USPS Sued; Tropical Storm Forming in Gulf of Mexico

Liam McKeone
T.I. / Rich Fury/Getty Images

U.S. budget deficit hits record $63 billion... T.I. charged in cryptocurrency scam by SEC... More than 25 apes trafficked from the Congo recovered in Zimbabwe... Sir David Attenborough warns us about species extinction, we should probably listen... Number of Americans trying to immigrate to Canada jumped 30 percent after Trump was elected... Colorado Secretary of State suing USPS... Tropical Storm Sally forming in the Gulf of Mexico... Terence Conrad dies at 88... Police fire tear gas at protestors in Paris... Former 'Top Chef' contestant Aaron Grissom dies at 34... Mike Pence drops plan to attend QAnon-backed fundraiser...

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This was nuts.

Hate to put any stock into stuff like this... BUT.