Roundup: Twitter's Many Mistakes; Ben Simmons' Knee; Bradley Cooper's Beach Day

Kyle Koster
Chesnot/Getty Images

Stark disparity in testing ... 13 inventors killed by their own inventions ... John Wick 5 is coming ... So too is a Craig Carton documentary ... New York attorney general is attempting to dissolve the NRA ... Somehow the MLB trade deadline is approaching ... Cameron Diaz explains why she quit acting ... Will the next Chicago Tribune office be virtual ... It would be great if today is the day Jordan Spieth starts to turn it all around ... The year, again, is 2020 ... Ben Simmons' knee the center of attention ... Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine had an eventful day ... NBA board of government dedicating $300 million to empowerment endeavor ... Power outage hits Manhattan ... Michelle Obama is depressed ...

Georgia high school responds to troubling images of maskless students crushed together by ... suspending students who posted the photos. [Buzzfeed]

5 great cars for people who don't care about cars. [Gear Patrol]

Twitter's Jack Dorsey: Mistakes, I've Made a Few. [New York Times]

Mike Greenberg wants to have a longer conversation. [Variety]

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner hit the beach. [Entertainment Tonight]

You're telling me this not a legal delivery?

Almost made it!

What is this?

Anarbor -- Can't Help It