Roundup: Twitter Being Pressured to Take Down Trump Tweets; Yacht Thinkpiece; Reggie Bush Mad

Kyle Koster
Azealia Banks In Concert - New York, NY
Azealia Banks In Concert - New York, NY / Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Anyone else a bit perplexed how much coverage is devoted to Alyssa Milano ... Patrick Ewing returns home ... They made another The Trip movie ... Where will Donald Trump move the Republican National Convention ... Japanese baseball league sets Opening Day ... Elon Musk and Grimes changed that kid's name ... The rats are turning on each other ... Uncut Gems now available on Netflix ... Thinking about becoming deeply invested in the Taylor Swift-Scooter Braun feud ... A drunk guy hopped into a bear enclosure to wrestle and now the animal is traumatized ... An interesting way to mark the holiday ... New Brittany Murphy investigation ... Azealia Banks claims she had an affair with Dave Chappelle ... Former MLB pitcher Ryan Dempster dabbling in comedy ...

25 facts you may not know about The Shining. [Mental Floss]

The Kettleball Guy is a New York City original. [Wall Street Journal]

Bloomberg had two writers work on a piece exploring the difficulties of flying to one's yacht in these troubled times. [Bloomberg]

This is the story that had Reggie Bush upset. [ESPN]

If Twitter ever disables the president's account you can have all my money. [New York Times]

The Dude Perfect guys did a full-length movie.

Kanye West -- Flashing Lights