Roundup: Trump vs. Fox News Fight Brewing; Masters TV Plan; HBO's Tiger Trailer

Kyle Koster
Jamie Squire/Getty Images

... Stacey Abrams will run for governor ... Massive abuse scandal in Louisville ... TikTok not shut down ... Philadelphia is a scruffy sports town ... Lovie Smith could get a quality win against, says here, Rutgers ... Kanye West's Wyoming neighbors weren't particularly interested in voting for him ... The Challenge is back ... So where are we on MLB's rule changes ... Please don't blow vape smoke into your PlayStation 5 ... Don't look now but the Colts are in pole position ... Tough to keep up with all the claims these days ... Steve Levy opened up about calling Monday Night Football and how it's going ...

The inevitable rivalry between any Trump-driven outlet and Fox News will be such an unpredictable dynamic. [Axios]

How long can the current situation where Joe Biden can't get intelligence briefings realistically last? A week? Two? More? [CNN Politics]

McDreamy is back and Grey's Anatomy is still on the air. [Hollywood Reporter]

Common misconceptions about the Middle Ages. [Mental Floss]

Disney is rooting for rain at Augusta. CBS is praying it's dry. [Sports Business Daily]

HBO's Tiger trailer has succeeded at its job of making us want to watch.

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