Roundup: Trump Rally Violence, Captain America Civil War Trailer, Jessica Alba's Dirty Laundry

Kyle Koster

Last night’s Republican debate was actually civil … Gun advocate shot by her 4-year-old … Bryce Harper is here to usher in a new era of baseball … Sergio Romo would rather he didn’t .. Taiwan McDonald’s commercial has religious people all hot and bothered … Count Kanye West as a Donald Trump believer … One less serial butt-grabber on the streets … What’s it like to open for Weezer? …What’s the deal with bay leaves … James Deen’s production company facing major fine … Miesha Tate met the cop who checked her out … Tom Brady’s contract a major bargain for the New England Patriots … Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill are staying busy … A mountain lion mauled a koala at the Los Angeles Zoo … Nuclear power plant is leaking in Florida … DeMarcus Cousins suspended … Sure Putin had nothing to do with this … Angry woman rides Splash Mountain .. District attorney’s investigator gives defense lawyer a black eye inside courthouse .. “Staggering” new therapy is showing promise in the fight against breast cancer .. Americans are quite concerned robots will eventually steal their jobs … Racquel Natasha.

LeBron James weighs in on the old guard diminishing Stephen Curry, says it sucks. [USA Today]

China’s National Haircut Day was lit. [Buzzfeed]

If you can’t trust Jessica Alba’s laundry detergent line, what can you trust? [Wall Street Journal]

You won’t believe this but many young people are shaping social media. [CBS News]

Trump supporter suckerpunches protester, authorities tackle victim. No words. The attacker was later arrested.

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Probably going to watch this 200 times this morning.