Roundup: Too Shady for Even John Bolton; Barry Sanders Mad; ABC News' Syria Error

Kyle Koster
Celebrities Attend The New York Knicks Vs Atlanta Hawks
Celebrities Attend The New York Knicks Vs Atlanta Hawks / James Devaney/Getty Images

John Bolton bristled at Rudy Giuliani's involvement, called him a hand grenade ... Howie Kendrick's magical run continues ... Hunter Biden did a big interview ... Mark Zuckerberg's been having some interesting dinners ... Memphis' new court design had a fatal flaw ... Cassidy Hubbarth's Hoop Streams show to go year-round ... When even Barry Sanders is ripping NFL refs, that's when you know it's bad ... Earthquake in San Francisco Bay ... Disney + reminded us all about the movies we've forgotten ... Jeremy Renner's ex-wife claims he threatened to kill her ... Howard Stern got remarried on Ellen, with Colton Underwood officiating apparently

ABC News aired footage from a Kentucky gun range in its Syria coverage. [CNN]

Comprehensive look at the fallout from Woj liking Daryl Morey's Hong Kong tweet. [Deadspin]

Call it a hunch: Cardale Jones is going to do big things in the XFL. [WaPo]

It's been too long since we had a Panera macaroni and cheese link here so let's fix that. [Post Bulletin]