Roundup: Tom Cruise Is Going to Do It, A New Meadowlark Project and Blink-182 is Back

Kyle Koster
Karwai Tang/GettyImages

CNN and MSNBC are battling it out for second place in the 9 o'clock hour ... The hottest game in the NFL is chess ... Man shoved to ground by Davante Adams files police report ... Quite an interesting pipeline here ... Tom Cruise is going to do a spacewalk ... RIP Angela Lansbury .... Anyone getting a keg for King Charles III's coronation ... Biden acknowledges a ‘slight recession’ is possible, even if he doesn’t think it’ll happen ... Kaley Cuoco reveals she almost had her leg amputated after horseback riding accident ... Leaked racist remarks from former Los Angeles City Council president ignites outrage ... Bus driving HBCU students to conference was targeted when pulled over, university president alleges ...

Meadowlark Media Launches ‘Sports Explains the World’ Series. [Yahoo]

Please get your tickets for the Detroit Pistons bandwagon now to ensure your space. [The Ringer]

Like, Jaden Ivey can't play this hard all the time can he?

Everyone you know, and everyone they know, is watching Dahmer. [The Wrap]

You're telling me Tulsi Gabbard isn't a democrat? No way. [The Guardian]

Prosecutors have dropped charges against Adnan Syed. [NPR]

Blink-182 is back and not a moment too soon.