Roundup: The Year in Netflix; David Ortiz's Shooter Sentenced; Warmer Weather Coming

Kyle Koster
Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Rudy Gobert isn't worried but, you know, maybe he should be ... Oh look, Terrell Owens got his name in the news again ... Things you are probably mispronouncing ... Mega Millions jackpot now up to $640 million with no Tuesday winner ... Amazon took a huge chance with Rings of Power and it paid off ... Lamar Jackson's health remains a question mark ... David Ortiz shooter sentenced to 30 years in prison ... Jeremiah Green, drummer of Modest Mouse, diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer ... Warmer weather is coming ... Ringleader of Michigan governor kidnapping plot sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison ... Pope Emeritus Benedict's health getting worse ...

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