Roundup: The NBA Complained to ESPN About Jeff Van Gundy, Floyd Mayweather Wants to Own the Clippers & Manny Machado Returns

By Jason McIntyre

Alabama swimmer saves girlfriend, then dies in tornado. []

Mental analytics could be a thing in golf. [Bloomberg]

Clippers 113, Warriors 103. Game six is Thursday, and hopefully, the Warriors can force game seven, which would be Saturday. [LA Times]

The oral history of the 1988 Charlotte Hornets. What a team. [Charlotte Magazine]

By far, the dumbest idea for new owner of the Clippers: Floyd Mayweather. Just give up, Floyd. [Yahoo]

Why removing Donald Sterling won’t be easy. []

Manny Machado returns to the Orioles tonight to play his first game since last year’s injury. [Baltimore Sun]

So is the guess that this assistant coach was making tapes for the owner, because he wants evidence to oust coach Mark Jackson? [ESPN]

Kentucky high school QB star flops at UK, fixes mechanics, seems poised for breakout year. []

“A naked man accused of masturbating while driving on Interstate 95 and enticing a semi-truck driver got an unhappy ending.” [Off the Beat]

Jeff Van Gundy’s bosses at ESPN have gotten calls from NBA folks when the announcer goes after officials. [Oregonian]

Maybe the favorite song of my youth. DJ Ez-Rock has passed away. [via US Weekly]

Jeremy Lin may have taken one too many steps here, and the refs missed it.