Roundup: The Moon is a Thirst Trap; Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed; T. Boone Pickens' Art Collection

Kyle Koster
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

There's water on the moon ... This makes three separate plots to kidnap sitting governors ... Brett Phillips' historic swing and those who did and didn't see it ... Rich guy out hear blasting the Gilligan's Island theme to torment his neighbors ... Wasn't this a plot point in the worst episodes of The Sopranos ... Justin Turner is made for October .... The Santa COVID plan sounds quite wild ... If you are super-rich you should buy some of T. Boone Pickens' art up for auction ... Dave Roberts is managing just fine ... Every word a new adventure in this story ... Amy Coney Barrett's first move after confirmation was appearing at a political rally ... Silverado fire raging out of control ...

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We didn't really grasp how good this era of Saturday Night Live was at the time.

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