Roundup: The Delayed Return of the MAC; Coronavirus is Forever; Sturgis Fever

Kyle Koster
Pool/Getty Images

Dustin Johnson leads the PGA Championship, doesn't need a stinking yardage book ... Donald Trump signs executive actions aimed at COVID relief ... Love a good meteor shower ... Mike Gundy's hair is once again fair and balanced ... New Zealand has gone 100 days without community spread ... Facebook's ever-evolving sense of fair play is tough to pin down ... Diana Taurasi has a hip injury ... Damian Lillard vs The Clippers ... No one loves me enough to get me a World War II military watch ... 250K are descending on Sturgis for the annual motorcycle rally, with masks optional ... Nagasaki marks 75th anniversary of bombing ... Friends reunion delayed ... Extensive tick-tock of how we got here and why we'll stay here ...

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