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Roundup: Ted Thompson Dies at 68; Teen Steals Millions from Kroger; Anthony Fauci Back

Kyle Koster
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... Former Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson passes away .. Jaguars' future in Jacksonville looking bleaker ... Game of Thrones prequel coming ... So too is a Peaky Blinders movie ... Teen employee accused of stealing over $1 million from Kroger ... Trump took a bath on his European properties over the last year ... Amazon continues to win its battle against Parler ... Joe Biden removes magic Diet Coke button from Resolute Desk ... The FBI still hasn't located the person who placed pipe bombs at the U.S. Capitol ... Notre Dame on probation for a year ... Dave Chappelle tests positive ... Gigi Hadid reveals baby's name ...

Drew Brees played this last season with an incredible amount of pain, and it really seems as though it was always going to end like this. [Sporting News]

The window for pardons has closed but never forgotten. [Mental Floss]

New Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene has a long list of conspiratorial postings. [Media Matters]

One in five charged in storming of the Capitol had served in the military. [NPR]

Joe Exotic really thought it was going to happen for him, probably wasn't paying attention, [Washington Post]

It went away for a bit but, Dan, the deification of Anthony Fauci is back.

Ryan Glasspiegel is leaving Outkick the Coverage.

Feast your eyes upon the future of music.

Fountains of Wayne — Hackensack