Roundup: Supreme Court Denies Attempt to Block Biden Pennsylvania Win; Pfizer Vaccine Update; Post Malone Crocs

Liam McKeone
Post Malone
Post Malone / Mark Horton/Getty Images

Supreme Court denies Republican attempt to block Joe Biden's Pennsylvania victory in presidential election... Pfizer vaccine provides strong protection after first dose... Post Malone has a Crocs line now... Apple announces new AirPod headphones that look nothing like AirPods and cost over twice as much... FOX VP CFO says company values Sunday afternoon NFL slot over Thursday Night Football... Former umpire Brian O'Nora arrested in human trafficking sting... Alfred Molina returning as Doc Oc for Spider-Man 3... Lori Laughlin's daughter Olivia Jade acknowledges she deserves no sympathy for admissions scandal... This is a big-ass goldfish... Ten thousand restaurants across the U.S. expected to close next week... Alice Little, America's self-proclaimed highest-earning sex worker, sues Nevada over lost wages due to COVID restrictions... Texas AG suing other states over election results... Columbus, OH sheriff's deputy kills innocent Black man trying to enter his own house...

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