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Roundup: Star New York Times Reporter Under Heat; The Reverse Robin Hood; Catching Up with Ron Perlman

Kyle Koster
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Eric Bolling is launching a podcast with Brett Favre ... Goldberg the Goalie is one year sober ... CNBC has become entirely watchable in recent days ... Michael Strahan tests positive ... Stonks has entered the lexicon ... Four potential landing spots for Bradley Beal ... Does Peacock need the Olympics ... Jim Jordan not running for Senate in 2022 ... Fox News' Harris Faulkner loves the Kansas City Chiefs ... Memphis Grizzlies announcer Rob Fischer wants to help those struggling with depression ... Ja Rule piling on Robinhood is enjoyable for anyone with a sense of irony ... Interesting podcast about the Israeli baseball team competing for a spot in the Olympics.

Jordan Skopp’s foul-ball safety group is calling out MLB for more netting at ballparks before they reopen to fans. [FBSN]

Star New York Times reporter accused of using the N-word, making other disparaging comments on student trip to Peru. [The Daily Beast]

The history of breakfast cereal is far more interesting than you thought. [Mental Floss]

Lucky guy gets to have a conversation with Ron Perlman. [The Ringer]

In the future, we can all lose our wallets in flying taxis. [Axios]

Explaining Fox News' viewership drop post-Trump. [Vox]

Marco Rubio deserves this primary challenge. [New York Times]

Gregg Popovich got the vaccine.

Recently watched Dave, and my gosh, is Lil Dickey an incredible artist.