Roundup: Spain Wins World Cup, Oppenheimer's Box Office, 25 Good Dogs


Olga Carmona scores World Cup-winning goal for Spain, then learns of father's death ... Donald Trump's unconventional campaign is destined to get even more unconventional .... Disappointing New York Yankees mired in longest losing streak since 1995 ... Oppenheimer cruises past $700-million mark, now become megahit ... John Sterling almost bonked with another foul ball ... Angel Hernandez continued to build to an impressive legacy with an iffy call ... A Russian spacecraft has crashed into the moon ... Aldi is expanding and possibly coming to an area near you .... Bradley Cooper controversy over before it could really begin ... Charlize Theron, like the rest of us, is aging ...

Billy Walters continues to promote his book, which has even more juicy stuff about Phil Mickelson than we already knew. [Sports Illustrated]

Saudi border guards accused of slaughtering hundreds of migrants. [The Daily Beast]

There's really nothing Patrick Mahomes won't try. [For The Win]

Jerry Jones still believes in the things he's invested a tremendous amount of time and energy into. [Pro Football Talk]

The 25 best dogs to ever appear in movies. [Vulture]

One need not be a real band to have a real hit. [Mental Floss]

Elon Musk's shadow rule. [The New Yorker]

Lindsey Buckingham — Holiday Road