Roundup: Skip Bayless's Marriage; Popeye's Lame Idea; Friday the 13th Moon

 Theo Epstein is extremely frustrated … The Cubs are also ending their long run on WGN … Popeye’s now telling customers to bring their own buns … Just a reminder that Willie Taggart’s buyout is enormous … Donald Trump has lost his African American … The top 100 college quarterbacks of all time … Confused about Jerry Colangelo’s leverage here … It pays to get bullied …  Cameron Maybin is baseball’s best hugger … Dan Marino giving back … There is no aptitude test required to be a Teen Mom … Solve those pesky damp fall weekends … Borderlands 3 day is here … A spooky moon on Friday the 13th … Andrew Yang is the most interesting candidate on the stage … The Situation is once again a free man … Rihanna: ‘I’m really happy’

Skip and Ernestine Bayless have quite an interesting marriage. [New York Post]

Jameis Winston had the game of his life. [PFT]

Georgia fans to honor late wife of Arkansas State with a Pink Out. [CBS Sports]