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Roundup: Siegfried Fischbacher Dies at 81; Armie Hammer Decries 'Vicious' Lies; Robert Saleh to the Jets

Kyle Koster
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

How the Capitol police were able to withstand the siege ... We lost Siegfried and Roy in a matter of months ... The backstory of why the Backstreet Boys are tweeting about QAnon ... Inauguration rehearsal postponed over security concerns .. Mark Davis buys Las Vegas Aces ... Theo Epstein and MLB Commissioner are on a collision course ... Kyle Rittenhouse flashed white power signs while drinking at a bar recently, according to prosecutors ... Ted Cruz's former staff simply cannot believe he'd pull something like this ... It's worth finding out why Armie Hammer is in the news ... NFL teams should give Nick Saban a ring ...

Jimmy Butler told us all, but we weren't really listening. Now we are. [GQ]

Let us all aspire to get drunk enough to steal a tiki bar boat and go joy-riding. [My Sun Coast]

Kevin Durant must teach James Harden and Kyrie Irving to mature. [The Undefeated]

Robert Saleh tasked with turning the New York Jets around. [ESPN]

It would have been great to have Twitter around for this Family Matters moment.

Tell us how you really feel, Chuck.

Childish Gambino — This is America