Roundup: Senate Clears Stimulus Hurdle; Jim Nantz's Future; Kordell Stewart Opens Up

Focus On Sport/Getty Images

Each day that passes without relief is another slap in the face and now both parties are working to ensure we receive even less ... Amazon workers continue to have some very legitimate complaints ... Michigan allowing winter contact sports to return ... I will go on an all-burnt toast diet for a month if Jim Nantz leaves CBS ... Greg Kelly just wants his McFish ... Everyone knows their phone is always capturing evidence ... Snowy owl back in Central Park ... Trevor Bauer was headed to the Mets, until he wasn't .... Amanda Gorman is on the cover of TIME ... Tool's Maynard James Keenan is recovering after a second bout of coronavirus ....

Kordell Stewart on the rumor mill that tried to churn him up and spit him out. [The Players' Tribune]

There is no more valuable commodity than a post laying out all the new streaming options for the month. [Slate]

Democrats finally realize they're in control of the Senate, clear way for broader stimulus package. [CNN]

17 bizarre heists from history. [Mental Floss]

Lamar Odom and Aaron Carter are going to pound the heck out of each other for money and in no way is that sad. [Complex]

Yet another reason why the internet was a mistake, featuring Sean McVay's fiancee and trolls. [New York Post]

Listen to Phoebe's lyrics here. Perfection.