Roundup: Sean Hannity Dating Ainsley Earhardt; Kelly Clarkson Can Breathe for the First Time

Kyle Koster
Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Sean Hannity and Ashley Earhardt are Fox News' first couple ... Alex Cora wants it known that he wasn't the only one cheating ... U.S. soccer revises national anthem stance ... Do presidential approval numbers even matter ... Like you aren't going to click a story about Indiana Jones' fedora ... We missed out on a bayonet moment in 2020 ... TBT to take place in Columbus ... Very bad day for the Dow ... Chris Cox returning to Facebook ... Joe Biden is talking ... Lawyer for elderly man pushed in Buffalo says he suffered a brain injury ... Are we absolutely sure there will be an NBA season ... Dan Abrams got heated on CNN ... Is the Mark Zuckerberg-Donald Trump friendship showing signs of cracks ... Kelly Clarkson files for divorce, quarantine made things worse ... Extremely bold strawberry take ...

New York City cop apologizes for kneeling with protestors, wants to kick his own ass. [NY Post]

A beautiful story about life and keeping score. [Sporting News]

Dave Chappelle took aim Candance Owens in a new Netflix special. [Yahoo]

LeBron James' son is blossoming into quite a prospect. [Fansided]

What We Do in the Shadows is a smart show. [Mental Floss]

Doesn't it feel like we've been talking about the health challenges of bringing sports back for years, not months?

In related news, my Lord.

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