Roundup: Sean Connery Dies at 90; Jim Harbaugh's Seat Grows Hotter; Two More Days

Kyle Koster
The Graham Stark Photographic Library/Getty Images

Kamala Harris cancels rally after interstate scare ... Remembering Sean Connery, who was always the coolest person in the room ... Florida and Missouri got into a nice little donnybrook ... America has turned to video games ... Trevor Lawrence will not play against Notre Dame next week ... Zero chance this brilliant homefield gimmick remains legal ... UK increases lockdown measures as COVID numbers soar ... A.J. Hinch is not yet off the hook ... Joe Tessitore had the time of his life calling an offsides penalty ... Barack Obama shoots basketball ... You remembered to set your clocks back, right ... Anderson Silva's career may be over ...

It's worth wondering what, exactly, Jim Harbaugh is brining to Ann Arbor that another couldn't after embarrassing loss to Little Brother. [Detroit Free Press]

Enjoy the last few days of relative normalcy before Tuesday because after that, uh, good luck to us all. [Washington Post]

No price is too high for the Pennywise costume from IT. Bring it to me. [Mental Floss]

Hmm, weird, how'd this get in here?

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