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Roundup: Scary Situation in Frozen Texas; RIP Vincent Jackson; Hockey Goalies Getting Larger

Kyle Koster
Montinique Monroe/Getty Images

... Adam "Pacman" Jones arrested ... Interesting to consider how many workplaces this is also true of ... All aboard the Gus Malzahn era at UCF ... Power outages in Texas prove to be incredibly dangerous as winter storm cripples area ... Spike Lee not exactly saying no to Marvel ... Florida man steals ring from one girlfriend to propose to another ... Parler comes back online ... Pretty amazing that Kellyanne Conway's daughter was on American Idol ... Disagree with every single word of this piece decrying high-speed rail ... Notorious B.I.G. documentary coming ... Former NFL wide receiver Vincent Jackson passes away at 38 ... Buster Olney signing ESPN extension ...

Forty-five odd facts about U.S. presidents. Some real eye-openers here. Lots of conversation-starting fodder. [Mental Floss]

The strategic silence of Mike Pence. [The Bulwark]

Large hockey goalies are changing the sport of hockey. [The Atlantic]

Jordan Clarkson drops 40 points as the Utah Jazz continue winning. [Salt Lake Tribune]

When the competition just isn't up to par.

Contrary to popular opinion, we do deserve dogs because we domesticated them.

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