Roundup: Rudy Giuliani Has Entered the Chat; Mardi Gras Canceled; Lil Wayne Charged With Felony

Liam McKeone
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne / BET Awards 2020/Getty Images

Rudy Giuliani has taken over legal efforts for Trump team, it's a disaster already... Spike Lee to direct movie musical about Viagra... Mardi Gras canceled... Quentin Tarantino making Once Upon A Time In Hollywood into a book... Lil Wayne charged with felony gun possession... Amazon is entering the prescription medication game, one step closer to world domination for Jeff Bezos... This week's Monday Night Football will have first-ever all-black officiating crew... Auburn expects multiple players to miss this week's game against Tennessee due to COVID... Instagram "cautiously" considers paying publishers... Couple wins lottery jackpot after playing same set of numbers for over 20 years... Americans' mortgage debt reaches $10 trillion... Pepsi giving away apple pie-flavored soda to celebrate Thanksgiving... The NFL Pro Bowl will be held in Madden this year

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