Roundup: Roger Goodell's Chair Is Very Comfy; Sketch Ideas for Elon Musk; Kentucky Derby Back

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Kentucky Derby infield returned to its natural state ... Cute but poisonous pumpkin toads discovered in Brazil ... Eli Broad will go down as one of the more influential MSU grads ... Steve Kornacki came back for NBC's horse-racing coverage ... Jon Gruden continues to earn some of his money ... What are America's 10 most-visited parks ... White House re-examining relationship with North Korea ... Aaron Rodgers won't return to Packers under GM Brian Gutekunst, could also hold out of camp, per report ... GOP leaders threaten Cheney ouster ... The world has changed and so has the restaurant experience ... Sketch ideas for Elon Musk ...

Safe to say Nick Saban is doing well on the recruiting front. [Yahoo]

Keep in mind as you watch the Sunday shows how this alternate reality would be easy to achieve. [Washington Post]

Matt LaFleur won't even let himself think about life without Aaron Rodgers. [ESPN]

Roger Goodell's chair confirmed to be very comfortable. [Slate]

This is a good idea and someone should make it happen.

Starting to think this may not have been Jimmy Johnson.