Roundup: RIP Wilford Brimley; T.J. Warren's Big Night; Matthew Stafford on COVID List

Kyle Koster
Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Montana couple weds at 91, but not before hammering out a prenup ... Connie Culp, recipient of the first face transplant in the U.S., dies at 57 ... This story about Adele trended and I really don't know why ... Matthew Stafford is the highest-profile NFL player to go on a team's COVID list ... SEC football tension ... First look at Jordan Love in a Packers uniform ... Full moons are pretty high on the entertainment list these days ... Giant murder hornets looking to make a second-half rally ... T.J. Warren goes off for 53 points ... Brandy releases first album in years ... Rob Manfred's weak bluff ... 76ers having interpersonal issues ... Monday Night Football's safe port in a storm ...

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