Roundup: RIP Little Richard; Anthony Fauci's Quarantine; Alex Morgan's New Addition

Kyle Koster
Angela Deane-Drummond/Getty Images

Little Richard, widely credited as the Father of Rock, dies at 87 ... Some wholesome vintage images of moms ... Kobe Bryant was born unflappable ... Children dying of mysterious COVID-19-related illness ... Kevin Durant calling someone else sensitive is funny ... Ozark writer who keeps roasting the Detroit Lions rules ... The Onion remains undefeated .. Shark attack in Santa Cruz ... Who is Bill Maher's audience ... Mark Cuban hired secret shoppers ... New warning about 75,000 additional deaths of despair ... Anthony Fauci entering modified quarantine ... These heavily armed protesters eating a sad meal at Subway is extremely funny ... Every NFL team's biggest need ... Alex Morgan gives birth to baby girl ...

There will be a new Monday Night Football crew this year. [New York Post]

Latest plan for Major League Baseball includes 80-game regular season and expanded playoffs. [Uproxx]

Some times a monster movie is more than a monster movie. [The Ringer]

Tough to argue with the theory that No. 1 is the best jersey in the NFL. [Sports Illustrated]

Guess this is sports now.

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