Roundup: RIP Cliff Robinson; The Eerie Yankee Stadium Press Box; Clashes in Portland

Kyle Koster
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

... Cliff Robinson dies at 53 ... Austin Peay's football team made a powerful stop on their way to the game ... Michael Jackson's secret will ...Ryan Fitzpatrick learned of his mom's passing while at practice ... Jason Peters believes a position change should come with a bump in pay ... They're going to build the British version of Fox News ... X-Men movies, ranked ... Protestors clash in Portland ... College kids keep bearing the brunt of non-existent COVID plans ... Why the $300 million pledged by NBA owners is rubbing some the wrong way ... You're supposed to get naked in the event of a polar bear attack .... What's the thought process of a person who decides they're going to stalk the delightful Josh Groban ...

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