Roundup: RIP Charlie Watts; Herschel Walker Running For Georgia Senate; Jared Dudley Joins Mavs as Coach

Liam McKeone
Charlie Watts
Charlie Watts / Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

Charlie Watts dies at 80 years-old... Herschel Walker files paperwork to run for Georgia senate... Jared Dudley is joining Jason Kidd's staff in Dallas... Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista are making a buddy cop movie... Oreo Cookie Shake coming back to Applebee's thanks to a country singer... Alabama woman proudly proclaims she is against vaccine and is a goat, not a sheep... Jaguars & AEW overlap as two unique sports & entertainment products... Llama antibodies may neutralize COVID and help prevent infections, lab trial finds... Couple mysteriously die on California hiking trail... Giant tortoises should be avoided at all costs... Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney pen open letter to Ted Lasso... Man drowns in Lake Michigan saving two children...

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Can't believe the mascot did it.

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