Roundup: Remembering Vaughn McClure; CSPAN Reporter Lies About Twitter Hack; New Masters Promo

Kyle Koster
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... How Nick Saban's positive test gives Alabama leverage in the contract realm ... Classic Bill Belichick ... Spider-Man 3 has begun filming ... New Masters promo ... Working for Fox News can have lifelong consequences ... Big statue news in my backyard ... College athletes getting closer and closer to making money for their craft ... The Midwest has an out-of-control COVID surge and Wisconsin is leading the way ... ESPN reporter Vaughn McClure dies at 48 ... Plenty of reasons to still believe in the Astros ... Boston newscaster fired for Hubie Halloween cameo ... Chris Christie spent seven days in the ICU ...

Star dies of spaghettification in a black hole, which all things considered sounds like a great way to go. [CBS News]

The full history of pumpkin beer, which is excellent. [Mental Floss]

CSPAN's Steve Scully, who was supposed to host last night's debate, suspended for lying about Twitter hack. [Press Herald]

Sean McDermott's second act better than the first. [Kansas City Star]

NFL Hall of Famer Fred Dean dies at 68. [Mercury News]

Calling someone Mr. Rogers isn't a sick burn.

*Stares deeply into the abyss*