Roundup: Police Raided Jake Paul's House; Marty Jannetty Under Investigation; 'Big Brother' Returns

Stephen Douglas
Jake Paul
Jake Paul / Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

RIP Pete Hamill ... police searched Jake Paul's house and found weapons ... Minneapolis residents won't be allowed to vote on remaking the police force in November ... a second grader tested positive after one day at school ... LA County sheriffs deputies cost taxpayers $55 million in settlements connected to secret societies ... Big Brother returns under quarantine ... 17 year old Twitter hacker has bail hearing interrupted by porn and other loud noises ... Boomers love Sarah Cooper's Trump-syncs ... Make Eric Andre the host of the Ellen Show ... a guacamole maker exploded during testing, killing one person ... Kanye West is either intentionally trying to siphon votes from Joe Biden or the Trump team is using him to do so ... incredible storytelling by the New York Times explaining the Beirut explosion ... the people involved in this are some of the worst people on the planet ...

Former WWF star Marty Jannetty kind of maybe sort of confessed to a murder in a Facebook post. Police are investigating. [TMZ]

The B1G athletes have a list of COVID-related demands for the upcoming season. [The Players Tribune]

Swin Cash is leading by example in New Orleans. For the team and women in sports. [The Athletic]

Jason Mamoa spent Aquamoney to get Lisa Bonett's first car restored.