Roundup: Polar Vortex Makes for Cold Midwest, Puppy Bowl Facts, Tyson Chicken Nugget Recall

Ryan Glasspiegel

$10k on Postmates last year … “Florida man spent 41 days in jail for heroin. But it was actually detergent, cops say” … 339 arrests in human trafficking sting in California … Trash bag spotted orbiting the Earth … “Record-breaking” cold in Chicago … At least eight deaths from polar vortex in Midwest … Foxconn pulls bait and switch on Wisconsin … One holdout family happy about the news … Lil’ Wayne sues former lawyer for $20 million … Rand Paul awarded $580k after he was attacked by his neighbor … Justin Bieber’s clothing line gets panned … “Parole recommended for Manson follower Leslie Van Houten” … Tyson recalls 36k pounds of chicken nuggets because they might contain rubber … Guy robs bank in Wisconsin hoping to get sent to a jail he heard had good healthcare.

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