Roundup: Pete Davidson Sounds Off; McGruff The Crime Dog Actor Did Some Crimes; Corn Dog Diet

Kyle Koster
James Devaney/Getty Images

Stocks fall more than 1,000 points ... The guy who was granted anonymity so his wife doesn't find out he owns a boat is a hero ... Bryant memorial was intensely emotional ... Harvey Weinstein found guilty ... 11 players to watch during Spring Training ... CBA talk still dominating the NFL ... Seems like a great idea ... Bloomberg campaign offices vandalized ... Rough break for Jeremy Lamb ... Like the rest of us, Pete Davidson is fed up with SNL ... The three biggest stars in tennis have a group chat ... McGruff The Crime Dog will spend 16 years in prison ... Skip Bayless is likely staying at Fox Sports ...

Vanessa Bryant has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. [TMZ]

23 laws you might have already broken. [Mental Floss]

Sabrina Ionescu wrote a letter to Oregon basketball. [The Players' Tribune]

Miracle diet includes walking around Disneyland, eating corn dogs and turkey legs. [OC Register]