Roundup: Paul Manafort Released; Hurricane Arthur; Mary-Kate Olsen's Divorce

Stephen Douglas
Myron Rolle at Florida State
Myron Rolle at Florida State / G Fiume/Getty Images

Even Prince is streaming a concert for coronavirus relief ... herd of goats run free ... Trump disagrees with Dr. Fauci about schools opening this fall ... and Wisconsin is a mess ... the FBI is looking into senator Richard Burr's stock trades before the coronavirus outbreak ... an off-duty police officer shot a man on Long Island ... Melissa Etheridge's son died ... one of the Ahmaud Arbery suspects had a previous confrontation with another man ... Paul Manafort moved to home confinement ... they're even messing up food donations ... there's a typhoon moving towards the Philippines ... and maybe a hurricane forming near the southeastern United States ... Mary-Kate Olsen filed for an emergency divorce ...

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