Roundup: Orange is the New Black's Final Season; How Tall is Peppa Pig; Let's Move Halloween

Kyle Koster

Equifax paying out $700 million in settlement money …  Orange is the New Black’s final season is apparently its strongest … Just how tall is Peppa Pig? …  Derek Jeter’s foundation donates $3 million to his high school … Enes Kanter is dealing with a lot … North Korea is firing missiles again … Ramona Shelburne’s piece on the new Clippers is very good … Ezekiel Elliott not on team plane … Jeffrey Epstein allegedly abused young girls while on a work release program … Troy Tulowitzki hangs em up … WNBA to experiment with hockey-style substitutions during All-Star game … Fraternity suspends students who posed in front of Emmitt Till memorial with guns … Petition going around to change the date of Halloween …  Taylor Schilling

The U.S. government will take over executions for the first time since 2003. [Yahoo Sports]

Diddy reportedly dating his son’s ex. [BroBible]

Things do not sound encouraging for the Chargers-Melvin Gordon marriage. [ESPN]

Everyone is fighting a different battle.

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