Roundup: Olympics Looking Bleak; Dr. Fauci's Future; Media's 'Extinction' Event

Kyle Koster
Garth and Trisha.
Garth and Trisha. / Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

All bad news should be delivered by Dick Pound ... A fall Masters would be non-traditional ... There are still so many hours of sports television hours to fill ... Goldman Sachs will assuredly make the most of this ... What's the best home run you ever saw ... ESPN employee in Bristol tests positive for coronavirus ... Loss of smell and taste is a major warning sign ... Please get your medical advice from actual experts ... Banner month for Zoom ... Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood perform Facebook Live-crashing charity concert ... Cowboys center Travis Frederick retires at age 29 ... Sportsbooks struggling for the first time in forever ... Kyle Allen to reunite with Ron Rivera in Washington ... Deadspin's hilarious new merch campaign ... The two virus responses at Fox News ...

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What about the grandparents who want to stay alive?

The bird never got proper credit for making contact off Randy Johnson.

These are appropriate times for Rainbow Connection.