Roundup: Nic Cage as Joe Exotic; Grim New Death Projections; Amazon VP Goes Scorched Earth

Kyle Koster
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Nic Cage cast as Joe Exotic in scripted Tiger King series ... White House death projections revised way up ... Canadian models are much more optimistic ... *Andy Rooney voice* Computers don't even make cool sounds anymore ... No international games for the NFL this year ... Even Diamond Dallas Page is being careful ... Amazon VP quits, absolutely torches company on the way out ... Why would anyone agree to be interviewed by Isaac Chotiner ... Westworld alienating more viewers with each week ... Baby Yoda Monopoly a thing that exists ... Demolition Man 2 is coming ... Treasury Department looking to borrow $3 trillion ... College may become cheaper ... Chris Brown making new music ... Scott Disick checks out of rehab ... Inside the 49ers plan to return to the Super Bowl ... Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe react to USWNT's legal setback ...

Interesting to see Jay Mariotti writing again. [Barrett Sports Media]

The Republicans buy sneakers too comment has grown increasingly murky over time. [The Undefeated]

Dan Le Batard on Don Shula. [Miami Herald]

Americans seem soundly united against the premature re-opening of America, polls show. [Washington Post]

Roquan Smith certainly had a busy weekend.

The pratfalls of being a guy with bulletproof legs.

Baseball players just having fun out there.