Roundup: Newsrooms in Revolt; An Actual Online Mob Story; God Shammgod Sneaker

Kyle Koster
Arizona V Providence
Arizona V Providence / Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Bon Appetit editor in chief resigns ... Ranking the Big Ten football coaches ... Patrick Mahomes' power of persuasion ... Why Mitt Romney marched ... Something to keep your eye on in the next few weeks ... There's much ocean left to explore ... Jim Boeheim is on a recruiting hot streak ... Golf bettors love the action ... Hell of a time to hit up the Jersey Shore ... Minneapolis police slashed a bunch of car tires ... So about that unemployment rate ... Turner Sports not expecting its NBA announcers to be on-site ... Twitch streamers being flooded of new DMCAs ... Max Kellerman and Keyshawn Johnson a possibility for ESPN in the morning ... Senior Democratic leadership is wild ... Time to brush up on that Lord of the Flies reading ...

Two significant COVID-19 papers were widely cited, then retracted. What went wrong? [Stat News]

There are open rebellions playing out in newsrooms across the country, including this one at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. [NPR]

An online mob misidentified a cyclist. His life became a living hell. [New York Magazine]

We've found out what it will take to get Snoop Dogg out to vote. [TMZ]

God Shammgod is getting his own sneaker after all these years. [New York Post]

John Mulaney bizarrely predicted the future.

Sir! Please, sir!

West Coast Smoker -- Fall Out Boy