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Roundup: New York Mets Sexting Scandal; Trump's Last Full Day in Office; Tennessee Football Still a Mess

Kyle Koster
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

New York Mets general manger Jared Porter the subject of an explosive ESPN report, probably terminated by noon ... Who could possibly care if the outgoing president leaves a note for the incoming one ... Scoring is up in the NHL, but there's good reason to think it'll come back to Earth ... FBI investigating if a woman stole a hard drive from Nancy Pelosi with the intention of selling it to Russians .... Love to wear a wristband so the boss can know when I'm unhappy ... Major League Baseball's vaccination plans remain hard to crack ... Marshall Faulk skeptical of Urban Meyer ... Timing is everything ... Spartans dealing with even more positive cases, cancellations ... Man arrested after three-month stay in O'Hare ... Stephen Curry still has it ...

Michigan is in so many ways a litmus test and harbinger of what's to come in the areas of right-wing militias, so this piece should raise eyebrows nationally as well as locally. [Michigan Advance]

Fox News has made a decision on what to do with the 7 p.m. hour, and that decision is by committee. [Los Angeles Times]

Jeremy Pruitt fired for caused and Phillip Fulmer retires. Quite a day for Tennessee football. [Knoxville News]

The Gwenyth Paltrow story everyone is talking about. [New York Post]

The Jared Goff and Sean McVay partnership is on borrowed time. [The Big Lead]

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