Roundup: Neera Tanden Tweeted Through It; Famous Bosses Get Podcast; Exciting 'Succession' News

Kyle Koster
Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images

Reluctance to take COVID vaccine among NBA players ... Who will replace Neera Tanden ... Dominion sues MyPillow and its CEO Mike Lindell for $1.3 billion
... Bobby Shmurda to be released from prison ... Daft Punk breaks up ... Boeing stock tumbles after weekend engine failure ... Jeff Bezos opening a free preschool for low-income families in Tacoma ... Oklahoma's Spencer Ray almost lost an eye in a bar brawl ... Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have a podcast ... Notre Dame news in regards to the upcoming college football video game ... Cam Newton has enjoyed his time working with Bill Belichick ... Another person has died in a misguided gender reveal ... Canadians are certainly a different breed ... What is is with politicians from Texas high-tailing it out of state during a crisis ... Mike Tomlin contracts COVID ...

Wrapping one's brain around 500,000 COVID deaths in this country is a difficult, yet essential task. Here's how journalists have tried to help the public do that. [Poynter]

Inside Damian Lillard's love of boxing. [ESPN]

Hope Davis to be featured in a multi-episode arc of Succession. [Deadline]

Who could have ever thought that El Chapo's wife would get caught up in the drug game? [Associated Press]

George Clooney and Sports Illustrated teaming up for a project documenting the Ohio State abuse scandal. [Awful Announcing]

We did a documentary on the time Stephen went viral for his Cruella de Vil tweet: