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Roundup: Most Insane Moment of Trump's Presidency; Dustin Diamond Passes; Top National Radio Shows

Kyle Koster
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Inside the craziest moment of the Donald Trump presidency ... Dustin Diamond dies at 44 ... All these years later and Zak Bagans remains one of the most interesting people on television ... Many of those charged in the Capitol insurrection did not vote ... Why are we getting Carole Baskin's opinions on things ... Public health officials are resigning en mass following friction with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ... Kevin Durant and Rick Kleiman announce new video series for Boardroom ... Fernando Tatis Jr. is on the cover of MLB The Show 21 ... Evan Rachel Wood accuses Marilyn Manson of long-running abuse ... Tony Bennett has been battling Alzheimer's for years ... Atlanta rapper SIlento arrested and charged in cousin's shooting ... Former Alabama players rip recruiting leak ...

The Top 20 national radio shows of 2020. [Barrett Sports Media]

Deshaun Watson standing up to ownership could fundamentally change the NFL. [Washington Post]

Mark Chernoff is retiring from WFAN. [New York Post]

Dustin Pedroia hangs 'em up. [Major League Baseball]

Hal Holbrook, who portrayed Deep Throat in All the Presidents Men, dies at 95. [The Hollywood Reporter]

The special bond between Jason Pierre-Paul and Fox's Laura Okmin. [Newsday]

Unintentionally a great piece of journalism.

AOC with some insights on what will only become a larger issue.

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