Roundup: More Positive Vaccine News; LSU Scandal; Chicago Bears in Free Fall

Kyle Koster
Matthew Horwood/Getty Images

Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine is 94.5 percent effective ... 12 candidates for the South Carolina football job ... The damage being done by a pair of cable news channels is breathtaking ... Libby Geist departing ESPN ... Judd Apatow is working on a funny quarantine movie ... Always a sucker for Mahopac news ... Barack Obama is very online ... LSU mishandled sexual assault allegations, including those involving big-name athletes ... My unpopular opinion is that offering people a chance to improve their financial future without lifting a finger would be quite popular ... Bear vs. Plane ... Can you do this, because it doesn't seem like you can do this ... The Marlins forever changed their legacy by hiring Kim Ng ... Mike Tyson jacked ...

We've all see the future and its a House majority of Madison Cawthorns. [Defector]

There must be some mistake because this doesn't sound a thing like Antonio Brown. [Miami Herald]

Shocking to see college football fans being prone to conspiracy theories. [Fansided]

The whole Sam Darnold thing is getting a bit sad. [New York Post]

Chicago Bears' offense basically just smoldering wreckage at this point. [Chicago Tribune]

Vince Vaughn breaking down his most iconic roles is not bad at all.

If there is anyone in your life still not getting it despite a mountain of evidence, perhaps this will break through.

The world needs fewer podcasts, and yet we persist.

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