Roundup: MLB Mulling Playoff Bubble; Civil War at Sports Illustrated; Shooting Outside White House

Kyle Koster
Police Shooting Leads To Widespread Looting And Violence In Chicago
Police Shooting Leads To Widespread Looting And Violence In Chicago / Scott Olson/Getty Images

Major League Baseball mulling playoff bubble ... Guy loves to cut expensive shoes apart ... QAnon membership far greater than most realize ... Patriots impressed by Cam Newton's energy ... New Zealand's COVID-free streak snapped ... A pivotal day for college football where anything could happen ... The fashionable Mr. Fox ... Jalen Rose's barber is the real MVP ... The NFL may have the opposite of a parity problem ... Powerful derecho rips through the Midwest ... Russia says it has developed a vaccine and one of Vladimir Putin's daughters has been injected ... Perseid meteor shower peaking tonight ... Dua Lipa does not have a high Q score with older generations ... Navy SEAL spends retirement throwing pipe bombs at Portland protestors ... Shooting outside White House interrupts press briefing ...

The civil war tearing Sports Illustrated apart. [The Daily Beast]

Mike Clevinger got busted for hitting the town. []

Saving Big Ten football really isn't about the players. [Detroit Free Press]

The biggest issue is the liability, which is going to be tough to navigate. [Penn Live]

Luring Joe Rogan and Michelle Obama to Spotify is all in a day's work. [Wall Street Journal]

Juan Soto hit a 463-foot home run.

Jacoby Jones hit a 293-foot home run.

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